Animal Articles

Here are links to articles about animals I think people should see, some will be good things & obviously others will be things you wont want to read but need to. We can’t ban together to help save animals if we don’t know what going on.


Family dog keeps lost 3yr old child safe until rescue arrives :


Indiana police officer caught abusing K-9 partner :


Family: Vet said dog had to be euthanized, instead secretly kept it alive for blood transfusions ;

Ft. Worth Vet’s Penalty Not Tough Enough, Dog’s Owner Says:

Prominent scientists sign declaration that animals have conscious awareness, just like us:

Four Legs and a Life of Service: The Fight to Allow Military Working Dogs to ‘Retire’ on U.S. Soil:


Don’t Abandon Our Dogs of War:


 Trainer arrested and facing charges over $20000 service dog:


Emotions, Emotional Eating, Depression In Pets: