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Pet Flipping Information

One of the latest crimes on the rise is what’s known as “pet flipping.”  Criminals are finding lost dogs and using them to turn a profit rather than returning them to their owner. The crook will create an ad on Craigslist for the dog, and depending on the breed, sell them for $50 to $1000. Sometimes they’ll just find a missing pet; sometimes they’ll answer a found ad and then they claim to be the owner of that pet. Or sometimes they’ll just steal it right out of your yard.” To protect yourself from pet theft, never leave your pet unattended, and if they do go missing, check the pets section of Craigslist to see if someone is trying to sell it. You also may want to consider getting a microchip for your pet which can prove your ownership. This can be done at your local vet.

That being said, not all dogs on Craigslist are stolen pets.  But there is little to no regulation on such Internet sales.

This is a very disturbing new fast growing trend for criminals in Indiana. However, it’s also now being done by corrupt animal control, shelters, & rescues across the state & u.s as well. It’s how my pets were illegally taken, taken for the financial gain of selling them as “rescued animals”. “abandoned animals”. Such facilities illegally take animals based on lies & without a warrant, just cause, or court orders. This is being done by Animal shelters that double as Animal Control as well which should not be legally allowed. Rescues are doing the same, some will go onto private property and steal pets they claim are not being cared for so the can turn around and sell it. Rescues that also offer dog training, the latest is a rescue that said they would house-train an elderly couples small dog, had them to sign a blank paper under false pretense’s and is now refusing to return the dog to the couple, & refusing to answer anyone’s questions.

This pretty much the same as human trafficking except it’s trafficking animals for financial gain instead and like human trafficking, IT MUST BE STOPPED!!!!

When Buying Pets From a Person:

1) Request pictures of the pet, ones taken with the seller.

2) Visit the pet to see how they interact with their supposed owner.

3) Require the pet’s paperwork, vet bills, insurance information, kennel club registration.

4) Ask about the pet’s history,has it been spayed or neutered, micro chipped? Cross-reference with the vet bill.

5) Do not purchase the pet unless the seller agrees to a vet’s examination and micro-chip scan first

When Buying Pets From Shelters or Rescues:

1) Ask to see the paperwork from the past owner & then contact that owner.

2) Ask that the pet be scanned for a micro chip by a vet with you present, then call info listed.

3) Ask to see past vet information while in their care.

4) Ask to spend time with the pet, like taking it for walks (watch to see any odd reactions to a leash), and to take it for a ride in your car (to see if it’s afraid of cars which could signify it was ripped from it’s owners for no real reason & is now afraid of being taken in cars or trucks).

5) Test the pet around other animals & around children.

After my pets were illegally taken I got two of my pups back a week later, they were now sick with kennel cough, & traumatized from being ripped away from a loving responsible family and god only knows what abuse.

Also after lots of researching & watching these animal flippers/thieves, they are taking certain breeds the most, ones they know they can sell just because of what breed it is, along with one’s they can sell for higher prices. Such as, selling dogs possibly to be used for therapy/service dogs, and also marketing some they’ve taken as good for “agility” dogs. Do not trust vets 100% either.

The sad truth is these people will do & say anything to get their hands on your animal to make them a quick buck, pay for larger facilities, to fund the construction of pay to use dog parks, fuel their drug habits, pay pending lawsuits off, ect.

I’ve created a petition to help get new policies put into place to help stop some of this and working on others.

please sign & share this one if you’ve not already done so

I’m currently working towards getting pets re-classified that would end all abuse, & especially by shelters flipping pets as well as killing healthy animals.

Here are two articles showing research that shows animals feel, bond, & connect like humans do, human emotions in animals are like the same emotions we feel. With this, when pets are stolen from owners they go through the same traumatic experience humans would in the same situation and is why animals need re-classified as living dependents an not property.

Some animals are far more intelligent than humans are, and feel the same feelings so shouldn’t they be given the same rights? Yes!

Be very weary of large pet sells (they call themselves pet adoptions but in reality if you get money in return you’re selling the animal period, people need to stop sugar coating the term) that have hundreds of pets for sell. Any number of these pets could be stolen pets because one these shelters do nothing to honestly check a pets background, & two you may be buying from a corrupt shelter who is frankly flipping a pet they stole.

There is a site  falsely claiming that pet flipping is a fraud & hoax when in fact it is very real but they also sell pets through their forum. I suggest you sign up there to look for missing pets being flipped.

Here is a few articles showing pet flipping is very real

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