Pawsitive Home Project


phpNew Project To Help Pet Owners In Need Of Food, Medical Care, & Legal Help To Keep Pets With Families, Happy, Safe, & Out Of Shelters.

Pawsitive Home is a newly created program aimed at helping struggling pet owners to keep their fur family at home and out of shelters & rescues. We are also determined to bring new laws to help families and pets and to end corruption within certain agencies. There are many of us out there yet animal control & shelters would rater you not keep your pet so therefor they never inform pet owners of service such as ours. We plan to make it well know that we & others like us exist.

We offer a few different services at the moment to struggling families to help with pets from help with food, pet supplies, medical expenses, legal fee’s for different situations, & some help with housing for homeless families who have pets. We hope to add more at a later date once we are more established.

If you need help take a look at the subpages for more information & to apply at the top drop down box of this page.