New Policies & Laws

With the growing number of pets being illegally taken for no real just cause, and without warrants, laws need changed

Here are some changes I’m pushing for:

New policies/laws that need to be put in place to combat the illegal doing by animal control/shelters

1)Animal Shelters should not be allowed to double as Animal Control!

2)Directors should be required to hold a current vet degree/license and Managers a business degree for both type facilities!

3)Directors of both type facilities should be chosen by the state based on qualifications, and not be anyone they know or friend of someone’s!

4)Facilities should under go surprise random inspections often and done by the state board of health not local!

5)Camera’s should be in every facility and monitored by an outside party to report abuse.

6)Audio/Video should also be warn by all animal control officers at all times!

7)Any city official who has covered for or allowed such illegal seizure tactics to happen & continue, should be forced to resign immediately from their position.

8)Employees, Directors, ect who commit said acts should be immediately fired and brought up on charges by the state for theft. As well as those who do not report their bosses to the state.

9)All current Director, Manager positions held by un-qualified individuals should be immediately replaced by a state appointed veterinarian, and someone with a masters in business administration.

10)The entire part of animal control/shelter needs to be open for public view. If a visitor wants to go back into a certain area they should not be stopped. People are spending money to buy “adopt” animals so they should be allowed to view the entire place.

11)Animal Control should have to go before a state judge, not local, to get a warrant to take an animal.

12)Everything should be done on a state level, no more local dealings, this will cut out illegal seizures and the buddy/family systems of small towns.

13)All financial information should be viewable by the public at all times including the salaries of every employee.

14)When someone goes to their local shelter looking for their missing pet they should be allowed to look through the entire facility, and on as   many days as they wish. This will make it harder for shelters to lie about having pets just so they can sell them.

15)There needs to be a national & state level database online and searchable by the public of all animals in shelters an rescues so that if one has a persons stolen, or illegally taken pet that owner can find it. And any shelter/rescue that doesn’t abide and  provide the state, gov with every animals info should be charged and shut down.

16)All shelters/rescues should be randomly audited every year and how they came in possession with all animals should be checked out and confirmed with past owners.

Yes some of the above requires a good deal of online work but if state/gov officials can get people to run social media accounts for PR then someone can gain employment and set and do the above all day.