Warning New Form Of Cruelty To Animals


Via another Animal Activist it’s come to my attention that the person behind this page is and or promoting for people to adopt Pit Bulls from shelters and rescues so that they can then take them and have them put to sleep. This has to be a form of cruelty to animals and a crime to purposely do this to animals. It also shows that shelters & rescues are failing our animals because they only care about making money off selling animals. This is another good example of why these “mega adoptions” (mega selling) events are a very bad idea. How many pit bulls may have just been bought by evil people like this?

This facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Inside-the-Dark-Dark-Sick-Minds-of-Pit-Bull-and-Other-Dangerous-Dog-Owners/659397414148279 needs taken down and authorities need to locate whomever is behind it and prosecute them.

This is silent BSL, obviously by religious types because they love to call pit bulls “devil dogs”.  Only in their religion does a devil dog exist.

Help report this person to authorities and get this stopped