When your pet is missing

Things to do when your pet is missing:

There seems to be a very large rise in peoples dogs coming up missing from their yards, even out of their house.

First search around your neighborhood, & even ask neighbors if they have seen your pet.

Call the local police station to see if any loose dogs have been reported to them.

Call animal control to see if they have picked up any pets that match your pets description

Call you local animal shelter if its not also animal control

Make flyers & post them around.

You twitter, facebook, blogs, ect to post info to share.

Call all rescues & shelters you know of.

Most importantly physically go to your local animal shelter and take a photo of your missing pet. Ask to look through the entire building of animals, not just the one’s out in the runs. If they have nothing to hide they shouldn’t mind giving you peace of mind. However, if they begin acting odd and you fully believe your pet may be there, call for a police officer to come look using your pets photo.

I have found many different people who say they physically checked at the shelter for their missing pet daily, yet find out they did have it and then sold it.

I know there are shelters that are still helping animals but there are beginning to be far to many that are abusing things & animals for personal gain. The bad one’s need to be made known and held accountable.

To help prevent your pets from being stolen from your yard please consider keeping them inside if you can, if you can’t install security camera’s to see if someone steals your pet or if just got out or off it’s chain.

Ntlpetrescuenw was started because a little dog wandered up to our house that was from so many hours away from it’s last known location.

Also, if your pet is chipped, make sure you keep your address and phone number up to date.

And if your pet is missing and you get a long distance phone call answer it because you never know how far off yor dog could have wondered or gotten away from a dog napper.