City Founders Encouraged Killing Dogs

30008_437147240271_3251284_nWhy does this not shock me, hmm well maybe because things have only switched around some and not changed. From abusing powers & harming pets & owners, to participating in cruelty to animals by wrestling hogs for entertainment. Not only does that show a violent culture towards innocent living beings but it promotes to continue such violent behavior onto each generation born. Teaching your children that its ok to be cruel to animals for your entertainment teaches them to be violent. Violence that continues into their teen years & adulthood yet so many wonder why the city has out of control youth, high crime, drug use, & domestic violence. Hmm well I think I just answered that.

When will violent people be banned from being in any position of authority. Better yet, when will citizens realize this & stop voting them into office? When will someone of a true positive nature seek office to change it all? Maybe soon?

“Another ordinance made it lawful for Muncie residents “to take up and kill any animal of the dog kind… found running at large, without wearing a muzzle.” It also made it the duty of the first city marshal, John T. Robinson, to “kill all dogs found running at large,” and to be paid 50 cents for each canine he both shot and buried.

The Free Press — which wasn’t free; a subscription was $2 a year, to be paid in advance — celebrated Marshal Robinson’s dog-killing exploits, at one point noting he had killed 42 in a single week.

“The bark of a dog has not been heard by any one of our inhabitants for more than two weeks,” the paper reported. “They are believed to be in mourning.”

The marshal also received 50 cents for each hog he found running at large in the city. But those animals were to be impounded, not shot down like … dogs.”

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