18th Jul 2016
dc rodeo

Cancel the cruel rodeo event for 2016 and all future years.

Just last year we petitioned for the fair to stop having events that promote animal abuse/cruelty and cancel their abusive pig wrestling event. The pig wrestling event has stayed cancelled...

18th Jan 2016
blog pic

Muncie Animal Shelter Caught Selling A Missing Dog Again

It was recently brought to my attention that the Muncie Animal Shelter was caught trying to sell a missing dog again. Luckily I was told the person finally got the...

24th Nov 2015
therapy dog

Shelter who illegally steals or refuses to return children & teens therapy animals are looking for therapy dogs for vets

Shelter who illegally steals, or refuses to return children & teens therapy animals are looking for therapy dogs for vets.   Still trying to get your mind around the title...

31st Oct 2015

MAS Adopt A Lab & Animal Brokers

I came across a very interesting and informative article today that concerns the “Adopt A Lab” owner that got me thinking about a lot of questions, and when something doesn’t...

20th Aug 2015

Muncie IN Child Molester Sexually Abused Dog

Here is another sad example of Muncie’s troubled city. A Child Molester, who if not let off with nothing but a slap on the wrist for harming innocent kids would...

10th Jul 2015

No Kill

Here is the post, you’ll see why it’s posted this way when you read it to see the dates of the postings. http://www.ntlpetrescuenw.com/no-kill-fake/

27th Jun 2015
no chase

Biggest Never Do Is Chasing A Loose Dog

Until recently I thought everyone knew the biggest known “don’t ever do” when it comes to rescuing a loose dog, as in YOU NEVER CHASE A LOOSE DOG. However, I...

10th Jun 2015

Sign & Share to Help Get Pets Reclassified

France has already accomplished this, now it’s the United States turn; Click Here To Sign The Petition Innocent animals are being illegally & wrongfully ripped away from responsible, loving families...

08th Jun 2015

Pay fine or risk your dog’s life, animal control corruption

Here is a story by CNN showing how corrupt animal agencies such as animal control, animal shelters, humane societies, ect  uses it’s citizens loved & well taken care of pets...

08th Jun 2015

Save 5 Wrongfully Impounded Dogs from Euthanasia at Hillsborough County Animal Shelter

I’ve come across a story close to my family’s about the illegal ways animal control steal peoples pets. Here is a petition with the family’s story. This seems to now...

12th Apr 2015

Judge In Animal Control Cases Banned For Life

In my own case dealing with the corrupt animal control/shelter director I’ve mentioned the fact he threatens people into silence by threatening to bring false charges against you. Luckily two...

27th Mar 2015

Pet flipping rescues & shelters

Pet flippers masquerading as caring shelters, rescues, ect.  You’ve seen them, or heard of them from others who are looking for their missing or stolen pets. They’re the ones who...

01st Feb 2015

Domestic Violence & Animal Cruelty

I stand up not only against Domestic Violence. but also Animal Cruelty. At times when I’m advocating against Animal Cruelty I have people who initially jump down my throat over...

01st Feb 2015
blog post

City Founders Encouraged Killing Dogs

Why does this not shock me, hmm well maybe because things have only switched around some and not changed. From abusing powers & harming pets & owners, to participating in...

25th Jan 2015

Indiana and Animal Cruelty for Entertainment

  Indiana has a long bad habit of animal cruelty for entertainment purposes. From county fairs “Hog Wrestling” events to half time “Bear Wrestling” events at Pacers games. The event...

15th Jun 2012

No Kill Fake

Someone recently shared an article with me that was written in 2012 about MAS supposedly claiming to be a No Kill Shelter his first year working as a director. Now...