Indiana and Animal Cruelty for Entertainment


Indiana has a long bad habit of animal cruelty for entertainment purposes. From county fairs “Hog Wrestling” events to half time “Bear Wrestling” events at Pacers games. The event itself is bad enough, but add in those who pretend to be against animal cruelty to participate just shows the true views and people who participate.

One  was a “Hog Wrestling” event held at the Delaware County Fair, where not only did parents allow their kids to wrestle the pigs, but the wife of the director of the city’s animal shelter/control along with other employees participated. You can’t honestly be against animal cruelty and participate in an event that is cruel to animals. It’s not entertainment, its cruelty to the very animals they claim to protect. However, their actions prove that helping animals is not the real reason they have their positions.




Another example, thankfully long in the past had those from a local television station participating in wrestling a bear for entertainment. People have wondered why these stations never told the real true stories when it came to any animal cruelty charges on regular people in the state. It is now clear, they aren’t really for reporting the truth on the real animal abusers, just who they can help make look good based on lies.

Is that what protecting animals is now, lying, stealing, flipping, and abusing animals by animal agencies & news media, for entertainment and profit, anything to make them appear good while actually harming animals themselves? All while posting it as if its ok as long as it’s done by them.

Indiana no longer has media for the truth or animal agencies that are about helping animals, but instead helping themselves by how much money harming animals can bring them. It’s a sad day for animals in Indiana!!