Pet flipping rescues & shelters

80df1b59e8d24a93ebc55915a56d0899bb8c08b1Pet flippers masquerading as caring shelters, rescues, ect.  You’ve seen them, or heard of them from others who are looking for their missing or stolen pets. They’re the ones who are all about SELLING animals. They get a massive amount of “cult type followers” to retweet their pets for sell. When missing or stolen pet owners see an animal they have for sell that might be their missing fur kid and attempt to inquire that owner is instantly told its not their pet as if they could even possibly know that fast. These days those who steal pets with the intention to flip for profit will do many things to alter an animal if they know the owner is looking for it. Things such as cut fur down really short, and even dye the animals fur. There are many pets that look alike, however, a real fur parent can see characteristics in them, ect to tell the difference between a pet who just looks like theirs, & one’s that are might possibly be their missing pet.

They are the shelters and rescues who do not honestly care about the animals they are in possession of, and they clearly show it by doing everything they can to not return animals. Their main goal is to get that pet sold to someone knew. They will use extortion of large amounts of money to get the owner to go away & drop it so they can sell it. The shelters are usually ran as high kill shelters so they can scam people to repost them or donate money. If they can’t sell them quick enough they murder them so they can sell their dead bodies to rendering plants. Their main focus & goal is how much money they can make from selling animals, instead of how many of them they can help.

They love to use the term “adopt don’t shop” when in fact there is no real difference from them and pet stores, or puppy mills. If money or anything is exchanged for an animal it is in fact selling an animal. If it became a federal offence to sell an animal these so called shelters & rescues would shut down.

Many of the gov ran shelters see animals as a way to bring in money for their city, where pets will be wrongfully seized from actual responsible owners, stolen out of yards, fined for a loose dog (when they’re usually the one letting them loose), ect so they money they get from selling/flipping pets can be used to fund the city. It’s like what the department of justice found out about Ferguson’s police department, just using animals instead of people.

These types of orgs, charity, or biz should be turned in and shut down because animals were not put here to pay your rent, or to fund a city. If you come across a shelter or rescue who treats those looking for missing pets this way, call them out and turn them in!!!  They are committing animal brokering, & animal cruelty because animals do have feelings so it is the same as kidnapping a human child.