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France has already accomplished this, now it’s the United States turn;

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325511-1433974210-wideInnocent animals are being illegally & wrongfully ripped away from responsible, loving families simply for what comes down to financial gain by corrupt Animal Control, Animal Shelters, Rescues, and Humane Societies. This is wrong and must be stopped. Imagine having your own family pets illegally taken away from your family, leaving your children and family heartbroken and for what reason? Not a good or legitimate one. While there are many people harming animals, those who took positions to serve & protect these animals are in fact becoming animal abusers themselves. It’s a proven fact that violent people, abusers, murders, ect first start out harming animals and work their way up to humans. Abusers get into positions of authority, such as animal control, shelters, or rescue director positions. Positions that a lot are not even qualified to be placed in. Some have even physically assaulted people within their community yet are allowed to retain their position because they generate the city income.  It’s time new policies & laws are put into place to prevent corruption in these type of facilities and that these corrupt directors are removed from their positions and charged with theft, and animal abuse.

This practice is the same as “Animal Flipping” & “Animal Trafficking” just being carried out by those who are supposed to protect them. Our fur babies are being stolen and trafficked like humans are, all for financial gain by heartless people, and it must stop.

With pets currently classified as “Property” it has allowed people & animal agencies the ability to abuse the system, pets & pet owners.  The justice system fails pets & owner’s every day because when it comes to owners they are just pets & “property” and do nothing to uphold owners legal rights, however, these same animal agencies are allowed to falsely charge owners with animal cruelty. How can living, breathing animals be nothing more than “personal property” where owners are concerned, yet are living things to abuse for agencies to use to generate broke cities income? These two classifications, & laws contradict each other, they cannot be just property to ignore theft charges on, illegal seizures of yet at the same time living things for agencies to exploit for financial gain. Both laws need thrown out and animals need reclassified as living dependents, the equal to human children so that both the animal & owners have rights to protect them and it would end animals being sold and used to extort money from owners. Animal Shelters & Control are also exempt from the laws that regular citizens are charged for such as killing unwanted animals. If a regular person doesn’t want a pet anymore & kills it, they go to jail, however, if a shelter wants to make up an excuse to kill an animal it’s 100% legal, this is a double standard and should not be, if anything animal agencies should be held to higher standards. If it’s illegal for one, it should be illegal for all period!


France has become more advanced than America by reclassifying animals from “property” to  “living beings capable of sensitivity.”  America is now behind in it’s protection of animals



Even senators across understand the bond between animals & their human owners.

“Senators across the country are lobbying for a bill to be passed that would ensure the care of military dogs after their retirement.  Deemed “military equipment,” many are left behind to fend for themselves, but now politicians are pushing for laws that would make it mandatory for them to be brought home, and preferably given to their handlers”

Here are links to just a few cases where current laws work for those with illegal practices from corrupt animal agencies and how the justice system & laws fail animals & owners. And why animals need reclassified.

Owner loses custody of dog despite microchip

Distraught owner: Dog walker ‘sold my dog for drugs


Save 5 Wrongfully Impounded Dogs from Euthanasia at Hillsborough County Animal Shelter


Pay fine or risk your dog’s life?


Illegal & Wrongfully Seized


Here is a legal outcome of an Indiana judge recently banned for violating citizens’ rights & overstepping her legal authority, a few of the cases that helped get her banned were brought by a corrupt shelter .

Here are two articles showing research that shows animals feel, bond, & connect like humans do. Human emotions in animals are like the same emotions we feel. With this, when pets are stolen from owners they go through the same traumatic experience humans would in the same situation and is why animals need re-classified as living dependents and not property.


These Animals Mourning The Death Of Their Loved Ones Will Make You Rethink Everything “When it comes to animal feelings, we tend to think of them exactly as we humans are or on the other end of the spectrum as unthinking, unfeeling beasts put here for our enjoyment. Every animal is unique in its own way and thinks a little bit differently, but what is clear is that many animals are able to feel complete emotions. According to an article in Psychology Today”


Dog’s bond with owner similar to a child’s need for a parent

“Man may actually be dog’s best friend, according to research that reveals how a canine’s need for a human is the same as a child’s need for a parent. Researchers from the Vetmeduni’s  Messerli Research Institute studied the bond between humans and dogs by testing the animals’ confidence levels with and without their owners. They discovered that the “secure base effect” that exists between parents and children was also present in owner-dog bonding. In human, parent-child relationships, infants perceive their parent as a “secure base,” and they explore the world more confidently when their caregiver is present. Researchers tested this by observing how dogs responded to food rewards when the owner was absent, when the owner was silent and when the owner was encouraging. They also tested how the animal responded when the owner was replaced with an unknown person. They found that the dogs’ attachment to their owners was very similar to the bond between parent and child.

Above is a video that shows Animals Mourn other animals just like humans mourn our lost

We the signed ask that you reclassify domestic animals.We also ask that all investigations become the duty of licensed Social Workers such as Child Protective Services, and that said state social workers go through extra training to investigate abuse, neglect, & cruelty allegations how it’s done  with human children. It will end corruption within animal control, shelters, ect that have been abusing/exploiting animals & their owners to generate money for broke cities as the recent CNN story informing everyone. As with CPS, social workers will be required to help with resources & only take after the legal process in verifiable abuse cases. Animal Agencies are not in the best interest of animals or their owners, they are to generate income, in human relation it would be seen as human trafficking, & this is no different.