Alzheimers and pets

1535575_10152167154600272_960951352_nAnimals are fur-babies an mine are just like my kids so its natural thing to research into everything you can like you would with your own human kids. Thanks to others who care about animals & their health we know that animals have & go through the same health & other issues that we humans do such as, cancer, PTSD, Depressions, Fear, loss of sight, arthritis, dementia, ect but here’s one most wouldn’t think Alzheimer’s. That’s a new one.

The technical term for the condition, Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome, has only more recently become recognized as a disease in dogs. Now, it is estimated that more than 50 percent of dogs over the age of 10 will exhibit symptoms of cognitive decline.

Of course, the symptoms will present themselves somewhat differently than they do in humans. Dementia may cause trained dog to go to the bathroom in the house, to become disoriented in the home or yard, or to forget which door to use to get to the yard.

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