Artemis A.K.A Magic

BXtkHAWCYAE4W3TMISSING: This is Artemis, also comes to Magic, and comes to Magic more than Artemis, 1, 1/2 yrs old female (7 month old at time taken & of last photo’s), lap dog,  tall and built dainty (somehow built like a whippet at time taken, very tall) but has changed looks, size, ect so many times it may change, so call out the name Magic if she responds it’s her. REWARD IF LOCATED!


Distinguishing Characteristics: Comes to the name Magic mostly, white on neck, chest paws and stripe on nose, grows very fast, brown eyes, howls at the sound of fire trucks,

Please email through this site if you locate her.



Additional Photo’s Of Artemis


Artemis/Magic was also very close to my daughter so play this video if you think you’ve found her, she will respond to it if its her.