Right now I’m doing as much research as I can to find articles, & research info to use to get pets re-classified from personal property to human dependents. Animals are not property, they live, they breathe, the feel the same emotions as humans do. It’s beyond time that they move away from being personal property since they bond like human children do to parents. I’m listing all articles ect that I can find to help with this & I hope you everyone will help. Getting them re-classified will help end animal abuse, kill shelters ect & save our animals. I’m also posting photo’s & videos that show the same.


Dog turns up to dead owner’s church every day (Photos – Video)

Drowning baby elephant rescued by adult female elephants (Video)

Fox Shows Incredible Gratitude For Being Rescued! I Love This So Much!

He’s Been Sitting Like This For 6 Months.. Today, He Finally Got What He’s Looking For!

Inspiring Story of Stray Pit Bull Who Changed the Life of One Family





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This shows an animal being abused by its handler, in the video you will see it raise its poor little arm in a defensive mode to not be hit. This is the exact same thing a human would do in the same situation.


This video shows a baby squirrel using it’s paws to hold onto the feeding bottle the way a human baby would.