Current Volunteer Opportunities:

While noticing the many posts on twitter and facebook from others to help rehome pets, posts about volunteering at events focused to sell pets, and seeing photo’s of people using photography to help sell pets for shelters and rescues I realized that we can use the exact same but to help save pets by trying to find them and return them to their owners.

The sad reality is that many of these animal agencies are in fact now simply pet flippers only focused on the financial gain they can use animals for instead of what they are supposed to be for. The alarming rate at which this is growing shows those who are still honestly animal lovers need to step up more to help expose these corrupt scam facilities and actually help the animals.

These Are non paying volunteer opportunities at the moment. I hope to be able to do more so please be sure to check back to view updated info of volunteer ops.


Pet Sales Events Viewer:

We are looking for people to attend any and all events they can (in their local area, world wide) where dogs and cats are being sold (or adopted out as shelters call it to escape the fact they sell pets). This consists of local sells at your local pet smart most have on weekends so many times a month or larger scale events where hundreds of animals are sold at fair grounds ect.

Volunteers will attend these events to help look for missing pets from all over and then inquire about any that you find that look like those reported as missing. Also to photograph as many of the pets there that you can to post to be searched though by owners of missing pets just learning about us.

Shelter & Rescue Viewer:

Volunteers will physically go to their local animal shelters, rescues, and any other facility that sells pets. Volunteers will photograph and look for missing pets, inquire about any that resemble missing pets, and send in the photo’s to be posted. This will be either a once, or twice a week project depending on availability of the volunteer.


If you would like to be a volunteer please fill out the contact form below and list the position in the subject line, and tell us why you would like to volunteer for that position in the body of the message area and someone will contact you shortly.