1376460_10151893237800272_2111787132_nMISSING: This is Ariel, 1, 1/2 yrs old female¬†(7 month old at time taken and last photo’s taken), comes to her name and also fluffy puppy. very loving, but also scared of most things, also comes to paws and will be easy to tell her from others who look like her because as you can see her front legs are half white from the middle down. REWARD IF LOCATED!

Distinguishing Characteristics: Her front legs are white from the middle down, more of a stocky build than the other pups, doesn’t like having her pictures taken or well wont stay still along enough to take pics, white on chest.







Additional Photo’s Of Ariel





Ariel is very close to my daughter and my daughter had a way to call her that gets her really excited so if you think you’ve found her play this video, you will know if its her by her response.