Biggest Never Do Is Chasing A Loose Dog

no chaseUntil recently I thought everyone knew the biggest known “don’t ever do” when it comes to rescuing a loose dog, as in YOU NEVER CHASE A LOOSE DOG. However, I was informed that a local animal control employee did exactly what you’re never supposed to do, but even worse it wasn’t just one dog, but two. Not only did they become more scared but to get away they jumped over a ledge with a 30ft drop. Another thing you should never do is separate animals when there is more than one, which is what happened next. After the 30ft drop they obviously became separated with one of them being caught, and leaving the second one to later die somewhere else alone.

Dogs traveling in “packs” of two or more are more likely to survive, and eventually get home safe if they are left together than one dog traveling alone. It is incompetent, to first chase after a loose animal, and even more to separate two just so you can catch one. It shows an irresponsible, uneducated, non-qualified director in control when employees under them have no training on how to safely rescue loose dogs. Not only that but it shows the mentality of dogs are just property so their safety doesn’t really matter, a fake, we’re so sorry apology, is all they will give you.

This is just another reason that non-qualified people should never be allowed to work with animals, especially in a director’s position because they have zero qualifications to properly train employees. Reform is long past overdue when it comes to shelters & animal control.