MAS Adopt A Lab & Animal Brokers

IMG_20150713_024946I came across a very interesting and informative article today that concerns the “Adopt A Lab” owner that got me thinking about a lot of questions, and when something doesn’t add up I always dig deeper, which I did, and found, well a lot that has me smh over & over again and with more questions. Everything I’ve found sickens me. I still however hold my stance on the Muncie animal shelter violated the law & illegally seized the dogs they had, and actually makes the shelter look even guiltier after all the information I’ve found which I will get to in a few minutes.

First here is a link to the article on the star press Click to read article that got me thinking & digging. It said the owner of adopt a lab had been charged with check fraud and owed over $13,000.00 under her business of adopt a lab, to a person named Lori Conrad in Missouri. $13,000.00? How could you have written a bad check for that much money over & over again & the person keeps taking them and shipping the animals to them? Doesn’t sound 100% legit to me. And why would someone whom calls themselves a rescue be obtaining dogs from a puppy broker/mill/breeder? After a lot of looking I found information about the Conrads (the animal brokers) having “dog auctions”, an everything must go sell (kind of like the “one day no kill, all must go sell” the Muncie animal shelter participated in) where many rescues were going to “bid” “rescue” as many of these animals as they could. So is that how Adopt A Lab come in possession of the animals from them paid for via checks? Or is it the other alarming bit of information I found while searching that says rescues buy animals from these animal brokers so they can re-sale for a lot of money?

I came across this article Class B Animal Dealers about “Class B Animal Dealers” .Class “B” dealers obtain animals from state, county or city owned and operated animal pounds or shelter, (this is called pound seizure), other USDA licensed “B” dealers and various random sources. However, “B” dealers also obtain animals from “bunchers”. According to this opinion article written by the ex-deputy mayor of Muncie Indiana (Finally, how does Mr. Peckinpaugh justify placing MACC animals at Adopt A Lab one week before he put it out business?) Actions unjust Phil Peckinpaugh placed animals with Adopt A Lab one week before he seized all the dogs in their rescue. So you’re telling me that the director of the shelter placed dogs with what amounts to an animal broker one week before he goes and seizes all, but for reasons that has nothing to do with brokering animals? Past articles showed that he threatened her with false charges if she didn’t just “surrender” the animals in her possession. The article also has wrong information according to the public documents for her case, which says the parole officer asked for the hearing not the judge it says did, smh. I came across posts (reviews, & not good ones) from people who bought animals from this broker who says the animals they bought were sick, and a few died. Since I do not know whether the owner of Adopt A Lab was a animal broker as well, or one of the many who bought as many pets as possible at one of the “auctions” Conrads Cuddley Canines had I can’t say on that. However, as I said before the Muncie animal shelter placed animals at Adopt A Lab one week before so it couldn’t have been bad like claimed or that shows a lot about where he will knowingly place animals. The state department of health & a vet sided with Adopt A Lab, and said they did not need taken.

I find it very interesting that this animal broker is a very large business, and that it’s website says they’ve been in business since 1993, Conrads Cuddley Canines but according to a search they didn’t obtain their class b standing until 2008 usda license

They are a very large breeder and here is a few articles about and information about them and how many animals they sell and to whom Facebook info post on Conrads Cuddley Canine

Conrads Cuddley Canines has also claimed to be shutting down multiple times 7 having “going out of business sales” however, they’ve never shut down Examiner Article On The Conrads And here’s a page that shows an estimate of how much they make a year from brokering animals $725,000 – $750,000 in revenue and also lists that they offer boarding, so I searched up their location and as you can see if doesn’t look big enough to be housing that many animals Conrads Cuddley Canines Revenue Info google maps location image Google Maps Image Of Conrads Cuddley Canine location this was disgusting to read More business info These individuals should be shut down & are seriously disgusting.

If Adopt A Lab wasn’t supposedly rescuing animals but buying from the conrads & others, & reselling them (brokering them) and the Muncie animal shelter placed dogs with them first it makes me wonder if this is what the shelter is doing with their animals, especially the one’s they’ve illegally stolen from responsible owners. Is this the truth behind rescues & shelters, they all flip animals back & forth, again, and again? Is the loss of money from doing this why you have them all calling out each other to try to remove some of their competition? The muncie animal sells about 5000 animals a year according to them, yet here’s the kicker, until very recently, they never advertised them to the public so how have they moved said animals so fast? Well obviously if brokers buy from shelters then there’s your answer. After all the “Mega Adoption Events” are the same as these class b dealers “Animal Auctions”.

The muncie animal shelter has now started charging for surrendering a pet, muncie animal shelters new fee   you pay $25.00 for them to take your pet, or find them a home yourself. Those who actually want to surrender their pet will in reality just dump it in the county, some may post them up on craigslist. Both of these play into these class b dealers favor, as they can obtain them by lying to the owners, & by grabbing every dog off the streets they can. Class B Dealer info Article   More info .

I’m really interested in why the conrads kept taking checks from Adopt A Lab if they weren’t going through, or was there a deal where the animals were “given” to them &  then to be paid after they were sold? No business is going to keep taking bad checks from the same person, use a little common sense, these people see animals as money generating, not animals.

I would say why are these places allowed to operate, but that’s like asking why shelters are allowed to get away with harming animals. This also shows that the so called pet overpopulation isn’t owners fault but well the governments, and everyone who deals with class b animal dealers.

I would love to know why the director of the muncie animal shelter placed animals with someone who supposedly buys & resells animals from a broker, when they operate as a rescue? Muncie Indiana was after all founded by dog haters, who encouraged killing dogs, and the shelter director participates in pig wrestling, but claims it isn’t harming them. Why is it that the very animal agencies that are supposed to be for helping animals are the ones harming them, & for financial gain? This has to change!!!!