Muncie Animal Shelter Caught Selling A Missing Dog Again

let me go home picIt was recently brought to my attention that the Muncie Animal Shelter was caught trying to sell a missing dog again. Luckily I was told the person finally got the dog back after posting a lot on their page, and threatening to take them to court. Here are all the screenshots of the posts that were sent to me. Even though photo’s on the persons Facebook profile are public I have blacked them out, especially the ones with her kids in them. Her dog went missing, she went to the shelter looking for it, filled out some type of missing paperwork, and posted it on their facebook page, then months later found it being posted under a new name and for adoption. Below these screenshots are more about other dogs & their owners. As well as screenshots showing that they are no longer holding strays for the 10 days that is required by law and adopting them out same or next day. In all reality, the muncie animal shelter has no REAL interest of finding missing pets owners, or actually caring about animals, especially when they can flip them for $100.00

No Stray Hold

The Shelter is no longer holding strays for owners to get back, but instead they are instantly posting them for adoption. Here are two dogs they picked up recently and instantly posted them for sale. It blows my mind how their faithful followers do not have a problem with that, especially right after the lady above finding her missing dog for sale by them. These screenshots are not in order.

Missing Pets Sold, & Hard To Get Returned

Here are a few more screenshots from owners who missing dogs were sold, or was hard to get returned to them.


Abuse & More

Here are a few screenshots of reviews about abuse, killing animals instead of adopting them out, sending cats off when they have someone wanted to adopts them, cats not being listed as lost until this person posts asking why, cat dropped off becomes missing but new ones there, shelter not signing up for a website to use donated points to purchase cat liter.

This is only a small amount of examples, there’s a lot more. But as you an see in one post they are a kill shelter, a kill shelter for no reason. This blog will be updated with more screenshots of other missing dogs not returned and other information.