Rabies Vaccination And Aggression In Dogs

pet vacIf you don’t think one rabies vaccine can change your dog’s life forever, then you might want to read what I’m about to share …

A story just crossed our desk about Mia Kraft, a 3 year old girl who had her face disfigured by her grandparents’ dog.

“I don’t really know what happened,” said Rick Taylor, the owner of the dog and Mia’s grandfather. “My dog just went for her.”

The reason for Mr Taylor’s confusion was that his dog Tebow, a 5 year old American Bulldog, had regularly been with Mia with no previous issues.

“She has been around it since she was born,” Taylor said. “He is really well-trained, he is very friendly. I just don’t understand.”

And Tebow’s vet isn’t helping him to understand …

Vets Refuse To Recognize Vaccine Damage:

The interesting part of this story is the day before Tebow bit Mia, he was vaccinated for rabies, along with parvovirus and distemper.

The first problem with this is that a five year old dog shouldn’t need to be vaccinated for parvovirus and distemper … these vaccines have been shown to protect animals for a minimum of 7 years (and in the case of distemper, as long as 15 years). You can read more about the duration of immunity for those vaccines here.

But the bigger problem is that one rabies vaccine seems to have cost Mia a lot of pain …

… and ultimately cost Tebow his life.

The day before his attack on Mia, Tebow was vaccinated at Countryside Veterinary Small Animal Clinic. Countryside owner and veterinarian Bruce Hood said in his 20 years of experience he has never heard of vaccines leading to aggressive behavior in dogs

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