Reclassification of Pets

While keeping up & circulating the petitions I am, it has went from petitioning to add 18 new policies up to 33. After doing more research into animal abuse from shelters & rescues I have already added 15 new items over things I discovered an found. I eventually realized that the more I look, the more things I discover need changed. The only way to really bring about change is to get pets re-classified from “Personal Property” to “A Dependent” (such as your child is) giving them and fur-baby owners the same legal rights as parents with human kids, & the animals having the same rights as a human child. This will completely eliminate all the issues, & reasons behind all new policies listed on the current petition & others not added yet. I will take in the one, but have started a new one to start promoting re-classification. I know many of you have also wanted to get this done so I hope you will work with me. This should also help do away with dog fighting, & sexual violence on animals as well, as long as they are given the same rights as a human child in regards to a safe loving life. It will also eliminate kill shelters, & I hope all shelters and set up an entire new system that will actually be for animals & not just to make a profit.

How can we get pets re-classified to a child dependent status? Well if you think about it, at the moment they are considered as personal property but yet many people are charged with abuse, however you can’t abuse a piece of property. Anymore when pet parents go to police over certain issues very seldom do police do anything about it even though cases are considered as “theft” which is a crime. In other words, they frankly just don’t want to do their jobs because they don’t care for real, it doesn’t make them look good compared to arresting animal abusers or dog fighters. Now lets discuss both of those because the cruelty to animals should actually help in getting pets re-classified. Last I knew you can’t be charged with cruelty to “Personal Property” so they charge & prosecute people with different code for living things. There’s been research done that shows animals have some of the same brain functions, and emotions as humans do. They feel the same pain, fear, ect that humans do. Here are a couple of links to view.

As living, breathing, feeling beings, pets should have the same rights as a dependent child, as pet owners should have the same rights with fur-babies as with our human children. People and animals bond to each other the same way parents & human children do.

When pets are brutally ripped away from loving, responsible owners for the financial gain of a corrupt facility or city it is no different than when a child is kidnapped. They are scared, and even if owners get them back many then suffer from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) for a very long time, many also come back with behavioral issues due to the traumatic events. When human kids are kidnapped, the kidnappers are arrested and charged, it shouldn’t be any different for fur kids.

France has new laws in place, and now the usa needs new laws. I will be adding more to this giving more examples showing the human intelligence and emotions that animals have and show everyday so please be sure to check back regularly.