424756_463256260363360_1982269093_nNtlpetrescuenw stands for ‘National Missing Pet Rescue Network’. We are animal lovers and owners who decided to start and do as much as we can for those that need help with their pets. We are still in the start up process and hope to further grow and have a physical rescue location.

We help pet owners locate their missing pets, as well as help pet parents, shelters, and rescues find forever homes. At the moment all of this is done through networking online to help get 411 out to as many people as we can. The more the better chance of it working. We reach out to network on a national level not just local. At some point in the future we hope open a physical rescue. Right now we are still in the start up phase. If you would like us to post your missing pets info and pics, or rehome a pet simply send us what you would like in your post and will get it put up for you.