Animal Control & Shelters Need Education

rg-2The amount of pets you see being taken by animal control, ect for being under weight is NOT always neglect from the owner. In fact, I would say very few are actual neglect on the owners part. It is being proven everyday that the food being fed to pets, brands you trust even, are in fact making animals loose weight, making them sick, giving them yeast infections, & sadly even killing some.

Many dogs have become gravely sick & died even within just a matter of one day or less, and many vets didn’t even know it was the dog food that was the cause. Many dogs have gotten food allergies from it, getting yeast infections over their entire body making them scratch & loose fur where as some are then taken on claims of mange, neglect, ect when in fact it was harmful dog food. Many people get antibiotics for them which doesn’t help. The only way to correct it is to change your fur babies diet to better food.

One reason this is happening is because of pet rendering plants where animal shelters sell the dead bodies of the animals they kill to, which are then used in making many different things such as, you got it….pet food. Those needlessly murdered pets in shelters you believe at times is ok to kill, are going into your pets food and making them sick, & killing others. When used, they are put in still wearing flea collars. Do a google search for rendering plants. Here are the recent & past complaints on The Consumer Affairs website about purina. There are also current lawsuits against them over their product.

Before anymore pets are taken from owners on false allegations of neglect, animal control, shelters, anyone who wishes to take a animal away from its owner, needs to become educated about what bad pet food is doing to animals, if said person can present a food that is causing harm, they should be advised to switch food not have their pets taken.

Please research into this more yourself & share the information you find with your local animal control, shelters, rescues, pet food pantries, city counsel, ect.