No to discrimination

open for servicesBeing from Indiana, I want to let others around the country know that my family does not support Indiana’s SB101 bill. As most I’m sure can tell by my posts about the corruption going on here, it should be easy to see we do not support the bill or those who voted for it.

I also want to let others who’ve been sharing missing pets from Indiana know that obviously not every Indiana resident is ok with this bill, so please don’t take it out on those desperately trying to locate their missing fur baby as they most likely do not agree with this either. It should show a little more of what some resident in Indiana face here.

We are not a business, as our own money supports NtlPetRescueNW but I also want everyone to know that we support everyone regardless. I could even hate you, but I’d still help you find your missing fur baby. We service everyone!!

Please continue supporting the missing dogs of Indiana during boycotts!