Animal Shelter Director Committs Assault

imagesR9MJ7DZQThe corrupt Animal Shelter Director who illegally took my families pets is on a roll. First he offends people of the community by discriminating against animal lovers who rent instead of own their own homes. His defense was that those who rent cannot supposedly give pets a forever home or be taken care of as well as home owners can. We all know that’s crock of shit, good example of an animal abuser who owns their own home would be Michael Vick….enough said!

Now it is in the local paper that he & his father physically assaulted a well know attorney showing exactly what I’ve been saying all this time, that he’s abusive, short temper, & violent. Those from Adopt A Lab tried telling people as well but no one would listen. It doesn’t take long for abusers to show their true colors and he has now shown his to the entire community.

The article states that the attorney wont be filing charges however if the local prosecutor (especially since it’s election time) fails to prosecute a city official for assault, or battery it will show the community that they are allowed to get away with the same crimes regular people are prosecuted for. If you’re a victim of domestic violence and you fight back against your abuser you would also be charged with battery as well, what message will it send to those if this guy is let out of charges? What is it telling those the director filed current charges on if he is allowed to go uncharged for a crime? What is it telling the rest of the hot head violent community? And even more what is it showing criminals from other states looking for new stomping ground to commit crimes?

Besides this assault this guy holds a city position he is abusing, & using for corruption for his own personal gain. He has illegally stolen my pets, as well as others for bogus trumped up lies because his abusive ego makes him think he can do as he wishes. He needs charged for this current crime as well as investigated for his corruption within the animal control/shelter. His resignation should be called for asap!

You can read the story here however in Muncie cover up politics it may get removed. I’ve been told the above link goes to an error which means they took it off the mobile site so here’s another link

And incase the disable the other link to cover it all up since the prosecutor didn’t files charges (which everyone knew he wouldn’t even though regular ppl would have been charged) I snagged a screenvid of the article here it is

And if you read this page you will see that I was given back two of my dogs which shows there was no honest real reason to take the others. I’m suing for their return, & started petitions to get them returned faster, as well as to have new laws & policies put in place please sign both. I’ve petitions on all sites to collect different names & have accumulated many signatures these are the lowest so please sign them.