MAS Not How They Pretend To Be

In the past I’ve posted about how the Animal Shelter who illegally stole my & other families pets had started discriminating against local people who do not own their own homes. His excuse for that is that unless you own your own home you can’t give a pet a loving forever home. We all know that’s a major lie, but I don’t think he’s ever even mutter a word of truth in his life.

History tells us that owning or not owning your own home has absolutely no real factor in giving a pet a loving home and family as Michael Vick is a great example of proof that. He owned his own home and tortured how many innocent dogs fighting them for financial gain. If more research was done most dog fighters most likely own their own home or the property where they fight them. It’s also been shown numerous times that those poor even will take better care of their furbabies and even starve themselves to feed their pets.

He uses this excuse yet it’s recently came to my knowledge that the he pretends to be this worried about the homes these dogs will go to yet the shelter still does not do home interviews or anything to actually & honestly know how these dogs or cats will be living or taken care of, or to even get a feel for the people buying the pet from them. He refused non home owners to be allowed to buy pets yet recently they took many pets and sold them at a very large pet sell in Indianapolis Indiana at the Indiana State Fair Grounds, sold them to anyone who would buy them. So I ask you, how were these people any more better than his own local community to buy said pets? Especially when they were not required to own their own home?

It’s simple, with this, and the fact he illegally steals pets from families to sell that it’s simply pet flipping by an animal shelter. He’s a dog flipper, a thief, and a con artist! But what can you expect from someone who thinks it’s ok to actually physically assault others, threaten them, ect. Not a lot except more harmful events.

A little more insight though is all the new pay to use dog parks the city is opening, which fee’s the shelter collects is helping to fund last I checked. Along with the fee to use the dog park so who better to flip the pets off to than home owners whom they think will have more money than those who rent instead. So you sell pets to “richer people” so they not only make money off of flipping whoevers pet they stole but they also make more from that person buying a pass to use the dog parks. Are you seeing the corruption coming out even more now? Many are starting to see luckily. Sadly not in time for many.

While out my family noticed that there were also protestors who came to give info and I watched one get onto a couple who came to find a certain breed of dog they could use for dog shows, ect, not as a new family member. I have mentioned this in the past, them taking pts they know will sell easily, and marketing dogs as show dogs, agility dogs, ect to help make the sell. Many of the same breeds are “showing up” at shelters and rescues everywhere, if you actually look you will notice this. Certain dogs are being stolen from yards, and inside homes even who match the same as well as show dogs, therapy dogs, service dogs, ect.

It’s time animal lovers open your eye’s and see what is going on and being done by those who are supposed to be for animals not for financial gain by abusing animals & their owners for their financial gain before it’s to late and you’re the next one to lose your furbaby.