New Program For Pets


pawsitive home 5We are determined to help keep furbabies in their homes with their humans, and out of shelters & rescues, especially corrupt one’s who flip pets, & one’s who kill them. To help do this we have created a program to help with expenses from food, littler, supplies, medical, legal, & even boarding fee’s so there’s no reason struggling families will have to give up their fur families. And as an extra plus it will remove right at every excuse corrupt shelters can use to illegally seize pets. We intend to get our program information out there where every shelter knows & has no excuse then to not keep families together and help them apply for assistance. We also intend to network with other programs just like ours all over the usa and help them make their program known as well, and hopefully inspire others to create similar programs. With enough of us, there will never be another full or over crowded shelter again, & never a need to kill animals.

Our future goal is to become global, we are going to start fundraising, taking in investors, & selling merchandise to help as many people as we can.

You can view more information about the Pawsitive Home Project here