Pets stolen by corrupt animal control/shelter

74365_10150089348495272_491035_nPlease help us locate our pets. They were illegally taken from us by our corrupt animal control/shelter for false reasons which I have kept proving false every time they use a different excuse. We are not the first they have done this to and also not the last. We’ve got two of them back so far and are fighting for the rest. However, I’m trying to locate them because he’s saying he’s sent some to rescues already, and one at a vet, yet I know the vet part is a lie. We are offering a $1000.00 reward to whomever can locate all our pets locations. He has to re-collect them but in case he doesn’t please help us find them. Here are photos of each one and info for them.Pease share this page with others, our twitter @helpfindourpets and our facebook

I will never give up until we have them all back. They could be anywhere in Indiana or other states. He is suppose to re-collect them if sent to other places but since this was illegally done anyways, I’m not taking any chances. I keep getting the run a round about appealing from the courts because it wasn’t legal, and of course with him if I do appeal & fight for their return I will be brought up on his false charges.

I’m working on petitions to have him removed from his position for many reasons, one being unqualified and only given the position due to close relationship with the current mayor who’s currently being sued by a woman before he took office. This guy only has a degree in media communications, no vet, no medical, no business. He also worked for a rescue that had gotten ahold of peoples dogs, lied to them about them being there, and then tried to hurry and “adopt/sell” them out through their rescue. When they found out the rescue then tried to charge them a large amount for boarding fee’s, they were later ordered to return the dogs to their owners.

I am not the first person this has happened to. The first known to us was a place called “Adopt A Lab” a report was called in from an employee that was just fired for not keeping up on his job, cleaning, which is what the report was for. They were also boarding other peoples pets when they used illegal tactics to take every animal there including other peoples. This rescue had the backing of their vet as well as the state board of health saying there was no reason to take their animals but yet this guy threatened this woman with false charges if she didn’t sign them ALL over. Yes even animals she had no legal right to sign over leaving those people to fight to get them back. I hope the owners of adopt a lab see this and contact me.

Next made public was in Cowan Indiana, “county area” where there is NO limit to how many animals can be kept. All pets were taken, media were there but were not allowed in, he was claiming the house was un-livable. People on the news paper were commenting it sounded fishy because why weren’t cps called in if it was that bad the animals needed taken, so later cps was called in, it just so happens that this guy has friends who work for cps, sounding more set up and covering your tracks to you all? Cps in his pocket to cover for him? I have screencaps. With this woman having to deal with cps nothing has been said about threats of false charges if she fought it, she’s prob afraid she’ll lose her daughter as well if she does.

Next made public was a lady in Albany Indiana, once again county where there were no limits. This woman’s house was not unfit, the dogs were healthy but, all but three dogs were taken anyways. Not sure if she was threatened with false charges if she fought it and she is rumored to have taken her pets and left the state. If a few pets are left to keep , how can there be a real reason to take others? There isn’t! Also done from a supposed tip.

My story, we had just rented a place one day, moved in the next, that night the owner came and said he changed his mind and to get out, and went for eviction, we were fighting it when we were thrown out that day by two sheriff dep. We were refused to be able to leave with our pets to take them somewhere else and the animal shelter director showed up. I was in shock from everything happening and couldn’t think straight at all, he started threatening me with false charges and even threatened to have my 16 yr old daughter arrested simply because she said she didn’t want her pets taken, he also claimed he needed my signature incase something happened and needed to get any of them medical attention, he continued to bully, threaten and intimidate me into signing a paper I was in to much shock and not all mentally there to sign and every time my 21 yr old son even approached him he was told to shut up and go away. Like with adopt a lab not all our pets are mine some are my sons but he was told to shut up and go away. He isolated me from my kids who could think more clearly than I could. I was told I could keep two. We now have those two back but they had to be treated for kennel cough from being in the animal shelter. My son called the mayors office and told them what happened, they refused to return my sons pets, but we found out they let him get off with adopt a lab as well. When we picked up the two we were once again threatened with false charges if we try to fight to get the rest back. We have contacted many and are fighting. He flat out told me that I would never ever lay eyes on my pets again.

I’ve heard there have been more after me but he stopped putting them in the paper when people started asking questions. There was no court order, no papers, no nothing, he just came and took them away from us. I’ve been going through stalking, harassment from my ex who tweeted me telling me to wait to see what he had planned for me next, next was our dogs being taken. He also posted a tweet about using the government against ppl. He cant get into my house with my adult dogs there. I have recordings of him trying to force me to buy him assault riffles in my name as well as a crime description that fits the “Home Invasion on Teamster Boss John Neal”. I’ve found connections from this guy to two buddies connected to my ex who harassed us & got us thrown out of a house in 2010 which I can prove. My ex instantly started trying to find my new location but had no honest way of knowing I was somewhere new if he didn’t already know where we were living to know we were no longer there. There’s more info I’m keeping to myself to use and don’t want them knowing. Our civil rights were violated that day a few times.

Our Mayor who lets him get away with this is being sued by a woman who says he lied to her and made her believe he was a judge with social security and could help her get her ss won. He was not and she lost out 6 grand from it. He used the family buddy system and gave this unqualified person a position of authority as director that he is not qualified nor fit to be in.

I’ve recently seen a post on their facebook page asking for donations to pay for surgery for a dog they claim owners broke its leg over a month ago. They can’t get this animal medical attention (which shows if needed he couldn’t have got any of mine medical attention so Cherokee isn’t at the vets) they said anyone wanting to adopt first needed to pay for the surgery, pay them, then they would take it for surgery, after all was done ok the new owner could pick it up after all. People were leary of donating to him and wanted to just call the vet and pay, that was not allowed with him, all donations had to be paid to the animal shelter, people were not falling for it so he deleted the post and then posted the dog was now at a rescue. I got screenshots of the post and comments though. He takes peoples pets because they can’t afford medical care yet he also can’t get those same dogs medical care either but gets to take it and turn around and sell the animal for profit just like a pet store.

He also takes peoples pets claiming they cant or don’t feed them yet I have a few screenshots of him asking for donations for money/food because they can’t feed them. How can a place take a dog and do the same as what he claims? If it’s supposedly animal neglect on owners part yet he does the exact same isn’t it also legally on him as well? or are animal shelters exempt from abusing, neglecting, and hurting animals because they are an animal shelter?

When I walked in to get my two pups back the nasty disgusting smell knocked me back out and made me almost vomit it was so bad and so strong, plus the diseases going through it. It needs to be shut down and he needs to be charged for theft of owners pets, animal abuse, neglect, medical neglect, ect. He should NOT be doing what he’s been doing. And the mayor needs to get into trouble for allowing it to continue. I saw where fee’s from impounding animals ect is going to help fund a new pay to use dog parks. Pets in this city are not safe as long as this guy remains in his job.

Oh and the judge that signed the order to have us removed from our house also has the same last name as the director of the animal shelter. More family and conflicts of interest. In 2010 when we were being harassed from the two guys I found connected to this guy, a false informing was called in claiming we were breaking into our own house, our house was surrounded by police, we had many guns pointed at us (myself and my then 17yr old son and 12yr old daughter), cuffed, and made lay face down on the ground until a neighbor ran out and confirmed we lived there. The person involved in this back then drove past my then current house while this was happening. There’s no way he could have known we lived there. He claimed to be looking for a street that was 3 roads from where he lives, our house was far from there.

I’m taking peoples advice and also suing the city for all of this, and the many events from the past.

There is currently a young woman missing, who her family say would never leave her kids, and had a warrant for her arrest for animal neglect. From what I could see via the article and others comments. She had left her husband and was moving out of the house, as was he, she didn’t take two dogs because they were her husbands and he didn’t end up taking them however she got charged instead of him.

Have you noticed a common denominator? It’s all women this happens to. There has yet to be one man, all men are told to shut up and go away like my son was it appears. The fact that not all are posted in the news paper shows there could be hundreds more that are not known about.  He goes for “women” he believes he can intimidate and scare into silence, but he’s found one that after coming out of shock is ready for a fight.

I’ve disproved every claim he’s used, such as my animals were neglected, I take thousands of photo’s of my pets, tons daily even just like you would your kids, so I can prove by those recent pics that they were not neglected, abused, ect. every time I disprove he claims something else then like they were aggressive and needed put down, nope wrong, then claimed I violated hybrid laws, nope, the last was trying to claim it’s illegal to have one accidental litter of puppies claiming I was illegally breeding, nope very first litter ever! I will get every pet back and I will fight for theft charges to be pushed, as well as intimidation, ect and calling for his resignation.

I have two media outlets waiting for my permission to run this story and will be doing so very soon. As well as drafting petitions for changes to who is allowed to put these people in their positions, if someone unqualified is put in an authoritive position the person and the person giving them the job must immediately resign from the position they hold. Making sure authoritive positions are only held by vets, and managers must have a business degree.

I was informed that the animal shelter had picked up someone’s dog ,the person couldn’t afford to pay their $35.00 impound fee plus the $10.00 a day boarding fee they charge but another person was willing to pay it for them and they didn’t want to allow another to pay the fee, I was told they finally got their dog back, but not wanting to accept money from a friend jumps out as they target poor people who can’t afford to pay all of that.


I’ve found more disturbing information. It appears they have been running what looks like money scams using pets. I found many cases, many fee’s, and charges. This started right before the current director took over and he took it to a larger level. It looks like they pull one thing for a couple of months, then change once people catch onto it, such as. The large amount of animals that were mysteriously known to not have a rabies vaccination and were fined for such even though some did have them, after that there were many others for not having their pets fixed even though that isn’t a law or code, some who knew that obviously got it thrown out, but those who don’t had to pay the fee’s or go to jail. Jail, there’s another good point, the last director never had owners put in jail over not paying fee’s, the new director started that. After that there were many fines for lose pets, a large amount of lose pets on the same day even, what’s the probability in that happening, and a few times, especially getting lose or out of fences without help? That lasted so long until they moved onto taking peoples pets first publicly with Adopt A Lab, The case with the child, & The case in Albany being the last. Adopt A Lab says they were threatened with false charges if they didn’t just sign them over. I stand by Adopt A Lab by saying the director also threatened me with the same, and bet he did the same to the others, especially the lady now dealing with cps seeing as how he has friends who work for them. He did not start threatening to have us arrested until AFTER the county police had left so they may not know he’s doing it.

After seeing all I have, I wonder what he will use for his next phase, will it be two months of supposed aggressive dogs that are taken and killed or taken, & claimed to be killed but instead sold like others, or has his threats, bullying, & intimidation tactics with false charges worked financially well enough that many more will have this tyrant stealing their pets and silenced out of fear of being falsely arrested and charged?

I was informed about a conversation which showed they claim to take in and house 3800 animals a year but would not answer the person about how many of those were taken from homes which the lack signifies the majority of that 3800 are most likely taken from owners. Taken and sold, so 3800 pets at $75.00 & $65.00 each that’s a lot of money, along with all the fines, boarding & impound fee’s. They’re a city ran facility, bring in that much money, yet beg for money & food donations constantly. Where is all this money going to?

I will update this with more I find out but I’ve noticed that other animal controls/shelters are doing illegal/wrong things as well, I’ve came across a few petitions and am In the process of creating one myself so if you’ve had problems yourself and would like your situation cited within it please let me know.

Here are some changes I’m pushing for:

New policies/laws that need to be put in place to combat the illegal doing by animal control/shelters

1)Animal Shelters should not be allowed to double as Animal Control!2)Directors should be required to hold a current vet degree/license and Managers a business degree for both type facilities!3) Directors of both type facilities should be chosen by the state based on qualifications, and not be anyone they know or friend of someone’s!4)Facilities should under go surprise random inspections often and done by the state board of health not local!5)Camera’s should be in every facility and monitored by an outside party to report abuse!6)Audio/Video should also be warn by all animal control officers at all times!

7)Any city official who has covered for or allowed such illegal seizure tactics to happen & continue, should be forced to resign immediately from their position.

8)Employees, Directors, ect who commit said acts should be immediately fired and brought up on charges by the state for theft. As well as those who do not report their bosses to the state.

9)All current Director, Manager positions held by un-qualified individuals should be immediately replaced by a state appointed veterinarian, and someone with a masters in business administration.

10)The entire part of animal control/shelter needs to be open for public view. If a visitor wants to go back into a certain area they should not be stopped. People are spending money to buy “adopt” animals so they should be allowed to view the entire place.

11)Animal Control should have to go before a state judge, not local, to get a warrant to take an animal.

12)Everything should be done on a state level, no more local this will cut out illegal seizures and the buddy/family systems of small towns.

13) All financial information should be viewable to the public at all times including the salaries of every employee.

UPDATE: I was just alerted to another conflict of interest. The person who fought to get their dog back that had adopted/bought it at the shelter during the summer was contacted by the dogs real original owner. The original owners posts say their mother checked the shelter daily after the dog went missing and were obviously lied to. They saw this guys post and contacted him and he gave their dog back to them. Here’s where the conflict of interest I mentioned comes in and shows the “buddy system” I’ve pointed out “aligning himself with those who can help him. There is a woman who works for our local health department it looks like or did harassing this man and the original owners trying to start crap for them, telling the shelter to have the health department to look into them. She tells him he doesn’t know who she is “meaning working for the health dept or did as an intimidation tactic” I have screenshots. She’s a volunteer for the shelter from what I can see from her profile. She says she stalks certain types of places, I could see her letting animals lose to be picked up, ect she’s a little seriously off, she claims the guy is calling her names yet there’s no post of the such.

This proves another serious problem that needs corrected, I’ve now seen multiply stories of them having peoples pets, lying about it, & selling them. Also is exactly what happened at the rescue he worked at previously that was caught doing the same thing. This has to stop and he needs removed from his position immediately.