Why We Started

pitbull-storyHow we started

I’m a full believer in everything good or bad happens for a reason. Our story is one of those. I’ve been an animal lover since I was born, the ‘type’ (as some people call us) that would have brought home every stray I found and adopt every pet that was homeless lol. Just call me Noah’s Arc, and my kids are the same way. However, I’ve not had the financial means to do that but always planned to. One day something happened that made me think, there has to be more that I can do until I have all the money for what’s needed and is where I got the idea for this.


We were outside doing things around the house when we noticed a small dog setting on our front porch. We looked at her tags on her collar and started calling the numbers to locate her owner with no luck. She was registered with the ‘Home Again’ program and is how we learned that she was from another town 40 miles away. She had either been dumped off or she traveled a good ways to here. We weren’t able to house her until locating her owners and nor could our neighbors because we all have pets ourselves and no more room so we had to have the local shelter pick her up and help locate her owner. We checked on her while she was there and although no luck at getting a reply from her owners she was adopted out into a home :-) .


The next day we found another dog laying in our back yard. It was to skittish of people and took off when it saw us. There had to be a reason they decided to stop at our house to rest. I cant fathom how someone could just dump their dog and thought someone somewhere has to be missing them. Hearing others around trying to find their missing loved ones I started thinking. With humans, we have police, amber alerts, ect to help find missing people but with pets its harder to find them at times especially without help. Not to mention dogs beings stolen so I came up with ntlpetrescuenw (which stands for National Missing Pet Rescue Network) to help as many people and as much as I can. Its not much, but its all I can do for now. I plan to change that though!