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1235327_10151838714110272_670715864_nThe Cheyenne York Foundation fighting for many causes such as #animalrights #homelessness #hunger #childabuse #stalking #humantrafficing #cancer


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cheyenne wolf sanctuaryWolves are natures beauty in every way, but they're almost all gone. Wolves play a significant role in ecosystem health. We hope to open a wolf & hybrid Sanctuary to save as many as we can.


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Pawsitive Home

phNew Project To Help Pet Owners In Need Of Food, Medical Care, & Legal Help To Keep Pets With Families, Happy, Safe, & Out Of Shelters

27th Mar 2015

Pet flipping rescues & shelters

Pet flippers masquerading as caring shelters, rescues, ect.  You’ve seen them, or heard of them from others who are looking for their missing or stolen pets. They’re the ones who...

27th Mar 2015

No to discrimination

Being from Indiana, I want to let others around the country know that my family does not support Indiana’s SB101 bill. As most I’m sure can tell by my posts...

15th Mar 2015

Animal Control & Shelters Need Education

The amount of pets you see being taken by animal control, ect for being under weight is NOT always neglect from the owner. In fact, I would say very few are...

01st Feb 2015

Domestic Violence & Animal Cruelty

I stand up not only against Domestic Violence. but also Animal Cruelty. At times when I’m advocating against Animal Cruelty I have people who initially jump down my throat over...

01st Feb 2015

City Founders Encouraged Killing Dogs

Why does this not shock me, hmm well maybe because things have only switched around some and not changed. From abusing powers & harming pets & owners, to participating in...

01st Feb 2015

Alzheimers and pets

Animals are fur-babies an mine are just like my kids so its natural thing to research into everything you can like you would with your own human kids. Thanks to...

25th Jan 2015

Indiana and Animal Cruelty for Entertainment

  Indiana has a long bad habit of animal cruelty for entertainment purposes. From county fairs “Hog Wrestling” events to half time “Bear Wrestling” events at Pacers games. The event...

19th Nov 2014

Rabies Vaccination And Aggression In Dogs

If you don’t think one rabies vaccine can change your dog’s life forever, then you might want to read what I’m about to share … A story just crossed our desk...

19th Nov 2014

Soldiers Hero Dog Stolen

Where’s Matty? On July 20, 2013, Spc. Brent Grommet returned from Afghanistan with his military working dog, a Czech German shepherd named Matty. The two had gone through basic training...

19th Nov 2014

Pet Food Causing Deaths

Warning: It appears there have been a lot of healthy pets getting really sick & some dying after eating their food. A recent rash of consumer complaints on ConsumerAffairs.com has...

19th Nov 2014

Warning Signs Of A Bad Rescue & Shelter

Recognizing a bad rescue from a good one is getting harder and harder, as the number of bad people involved in animal rescue continue to increase. It is important that...

27th Oct 2014

New Program For Pets

  We are determined to help keep furbabies in their homes with their humans, and out of shelters & rescues, especially corrupt one’s who flip pets, & one’s who kill...

13th Oct 2014

Warning New Form Of Cruelty To Animals

Via another Animal Activist it’s come to my attention that the person behind this page is and or promoting for people to adopt Pit Bulls from shelters and rescues so...

30th Sep 2014

Don’t Abandon Our Dogs of War

We’ve all heard the expression: “A man’s best friend is his equipment.”   You haven’t? Well you must not work for the Pentagon. There, military dogs are considered mere “equipment”...

07th Jul 2014

MAS Not How They Pretend To Be

In the past I’ve posted about how the Animal Shelter who illegally stole my & other families pets had started discriminating against local people who do not own their own...

08th Apr 2014

Animal Shelter Director Committs Assault

The corrupt Animal Shelter Director who illegally took my families pets is on a roll. First he offends people of the community by discriminating against animal lovers who rent instead...

04th Apr 2014

Shelter Offends Pet Parents

The same corrupt animal shelter that doubles as animal control, & that illegally took (stole) my and other peoples pets has offended its own community people. If you read my...

03rd Apr 2014

Reclassification of Pets

While keeping up & circulating the petitions I am, it has went from petitioning to add 18 new policies up to 33. After doing more research into animal abuse from...

06th Feb 2014

Pet Video’s

Welcome to our new area to post and view video’s of missing and found pets. When a pet goes missing as owners we send our and post flyers, tweets, ect...

12th Jan 2014

New Policies & Laws

With the growing number of pets being illegally taken for no real just cause, and without warrants, laws need changed Here are some changes I’m pushing for: New policies/laws that need...